We get asked frequently “Why are my gutters leaking?” Gutters can leak for a variety of reasons. It is usually best to have a professional look at your gutters to troubleshoot the cause and provide a solution. Our team cannot only fix the problem but do it quickly and safely. Below are some reasons why your gutters might be leaking.

1. Clogs in your gutters.

As leaves and debris fill your gutters, it can cause water to pool. Not only does this cause extra weight on your gutters, but it can also cause your gutters to leak.  

2. Loose Fasteners

A gutter fastener attaches the gutter to your roof. This will allow for your gutter system to be well-supported. A loose fastener will cause your gutters to lean forward allowing water to leak between your roof and gutters.

3. Cracks and holes

Weathering can cause your gutters to have cracks or holes. Usually, these will be minor leaks at first but over time will advance to become bigger. If you notice any type of crack or hole in your gutters, contact us before it is too late.

4. Improper slope.

If your gutter is not sloped downward towards the drain spout, unnecessary weight can cause your gutters to sag. In most cases, an improperly sloped gutter will need to be replaced or re-installed.