Facia Board (Wooden) Repair and Replacement

In the lookout for a Gutter system that is guaranteed to never clog in Memphis? Look no more, Tiger Gutters, understands that the damage caused by the clogged gutters can be frustrating for your home.

We Offer Quick and professional Gutter cleaning and repair services in Memphis

Wood is a porous and fibrous structural material that can easily break or deteriorate with time. The three major reasons for deterioration include water damage, fungal and bacterial infestation and insect attack. Once the wood has developed cracks, there is a high chance of it getting damaged during the rainy seasons as the water seeps into it through these cracks and creates holes.

A damaged Fascia Board can disrupt the water flow which can result in wood rot, damage to the walls and leakage into the house. While a fascia board is being repaired or replaced, it is important that you clean all the dirt from inside the boards as it could complicate things further.

We repair decaying fascia board and if required, we also provide a replacement fascia for your home. We will clean the fascia board and then provide a fresh coat of paint that matches with your home. We do not use any low quality material to fix the boards as we aim to provide you with only the best service available.

 The work is done by our experts who have years of experience in the field. The price for fascia board repair and replacement varies from area to area so contact us today to know more about how much it will cost.

We do not just offer a general fix to your Fascia boards but we also provide a detailed inspection to ensure that there are no further damages. Our team of experts will check the walls and roofs of your fascia boards for any sign of water damage or holes. We also inspect the guttering so that you don’t need to worry about clogged gutters in Memphis.

We service Memphis and its surrounding areas. If you need our services, feel free to contact us today With the Tiger Gutters, you are protected forever against:

  • Roof Damage
  • Basement Flooding
  • Foundation Damage
  • Rotting wood & Fascia

All Gutters are designed to carry water away from your home, but only Tiger Gutters has a solution through a patented, debris shedding design that is better than any other guard in the market today. No other solution is guaranteed to provide the kind of quality protection that Tiger Gutters provides. Our solutions eliminates the problems that many home owners worry about including:

  • Rotting fascia and soffit
  • Basement flooding
  • Landscape erosion
  • Damage Foundations
  • Damaged driveway
  • Mold and mildew
  • Insects and pests

Damaged roofing

Tiger Gutters will ensure that your home is safe from the problems listed above. We are so confident in our gutter protection, if any water leaks through it, we will replace it for FREE! No question asked!

Tiger Gutters offers you an exclusive promotion in Memphis where giving away FREE gutters with every installation, so if you want the best gutter guard system in Memphis for your home, contact us today!