Fascia Board Repair and Replacement

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What is a Fascia Board?

The fascia board is a key component of any roofing system. It ties into the rafters at the eave of the roof, providing structural support and helping to keep your rafter tails in alignment as the home and roof settle. Additionally, the fascia board is essential in finishing off the eave and, when combined with soffit, can help to seal the eave off from rodents and other wildlife. Most importantly, the fascia board provides the surface to which the gutter can be attached, allowing the gutter to collect the water coming down the roof. It is important to have your fascia boards inspected by a professional prior to any gutter work.

Why do I need to have the fascia board inspected?

When your gutters are not managing water properly, it can cause a build-up of moisture. This can cause your wooden fascia boards to rot, which can swiftly become a major issue. If the moisture continues to build up, the water can soak through the fascia boards and damage your roof’s rafter tails. If you have already noticed water mismanagement issues with your gutters, it is important to make sure your fascia boards are stable and reinforced. Repairing or replacing fascia boards requires removing the gutters. It is crucial to take precautions when handling these issues to ensure your home and roof are secure.

Why is it important?

Ignoring fascia problems when working on your gutters can prove to be costly down the line. We often come across gutters that have fallen off of houses due to weakened or loose fascia boards. When this happens, the eaves of your home are exposed to the elements and wildlife, which can be very detrimental. Without proper protection, you are at risk of pest infestations, water damage, and other hazards. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure your fascia boards remain in good condition to avoid these issues in the future.

What should I look out for?

At our gutter company, we understand the importance of installing gutters and gutter guards correctly and safely. While we love the installation process, we know that it can be time consuming to complete woodwork like fascia and soffit repairs. Unfortunately, some companies may overlook these essential repairs in order to save time, even if they know this could result in long-term problems. This can lead to gutters falling off the house due to the weakened structure of the wood. We believe in doing the job the right way and not taking shortcuts, so you can be sure that we will never cut corners.

Why choose Tiger Gutters?

At Tiger Gutters, it is our goal to provide our customers with long-term satisfaction and peace of mind. We take our responsibility of getting the job done correctly very seriously, and will never leave our customers with a problem that should have been solved correctly the first time. This means that, if we detect any weak or faulty wood, we will make sure to identify and resolve the issue before your new gutters are installed. We want our customers to have the utmost confidence in our work and to call us when they need assistance with their next home project.