Wood Soffit Repair and Replacement

Soffits are a crucial part of the roof’ of your house. They serve a variety of purposes ranging from appearance to helping you save money on your electricity costs. If you have any renovation plans for your home, installing wood soffits should be on top of your list.

Why You need a Soffit?

  • Ventilation: The roof underneath your house, and hence a part of your attic area, is covered by your soffit. Heat accumulates in this part over time due to both the sun shining on the home and the energy increasing inside. If this heat is not adequately ventilated or circulated, it may cause your house roof to overheat.
  • Energy Saving:  Higher energy expenses in the living spaces are also a result of an overheated attic. To reduce these high utility expenditures, you should invest in a decent soffit.
  • Aesthetics: Soffits give your outside a completed look; otherwise, you’d be staring at the rafters that make up the bottom of your roof’s eaves. Soffits are available in a variety of colors and patterns that will complement your house.
  • Roof Protection: Soffits keep the bottom of your house roof and its deck protected from the environment. Soffits keep insects out of this critical region, preventing issues that might eventually lead to your roof failing.

Reasons to Prefer Wood Soffit Panels

Although all kinds of soffits provide the benefits as mentioned above but using wood soffit panels comes with three bonus benefits,

  • Natural Appearance: The appearance of wood soffit panels is more natural, and they look esthetically much pleasant than other kinds of panels.
  • Pleasant Smell: An aluminum soffit can fulfill your basic needs but never make a smell that can mesmerize you. On the other hand, the pleasant aroma coming from wood soffit panels will make your mind fresh and make you feel more connected to nature.
  • Eco-friendly: One of the most significant advantages of wood soffit panels is their eco-friendly nature, making them a better option for your home.

Wood Soffit Installation

Wood soffit installation is performed in the following steps (In case of wood soffit replacement, an additional effort will be the removal of pre-installed soffit),

  • Access the roof overhang: Firstly, you will need to access the eaves. You may use a stepladder or, if the roof is too high, then a scaffolding. You will then need to take measurements of the fascia.
  • Markings: You will then need to mark the sides of the roof overhang properly. You may use some chalk for this purpose.
  • Screwing: Next, you will need to screw the J channel using trim nails into the marked area accordingly.
  • Placement of wood soffit panels: Once the J channel is installed, you need to slide the wood soffit panels into it. Then attach it firmly to the underside of the fascia.
  • Connecting the adjacent soffit panels:  Lastly, you need to join the adjoining wood soffit panels.
  • Repairing: In some cases, the complete replacement of the soffit is not required, and it just needs a few repairs. In this case, the required wood soffit panel will be replaced, and any issue with the fitting will be evaluated.

Why You need Tiger gutters?

We have shared the whole procedure of wood soffit installation with you. But still, the process of installation, repair, or replacement is a tricky one. The wood soffit may be a minor component of your house exterior, but it is crucial. To finish your exterior design with complete elegance, make sure you give this section the attention it demands and invests in a good soffit installation company such as Tiger gutters.