Winters are super cold in the northern areas. However, in the southern areas, it isn’t as bad and extreme. Since gutter cleaning is recommended to be done above freezing temperatures, the best time to do it is during fall and spring. If you live in a region with no snowfall, cleaning the gutters isn’t an issue; you can do it whenever. Changes in the weather and environment drastically impact the trash in the gutters, which demands rigorous and regular cleaning.

Missing gutter cleaning when the weather is better can lead to issues during the winters. Although not obvious when the gutters are frozen, it will be evident when the weather starts getting warmer. The uncleaned excess debris will turn into lumps in your gutter.

Cleaning Gutters & Products

During winter thaw, you can use gutter cleaning utensils to remove the blockage. But if it seems hectic and tough, hire professionals to do it for you.

What are the common gutter concerns during the winters?

The following concerns are a pain during the winters

  1. The snow clogs the top of the roof
  2. The weight of ice is a lot on the gutters
  3. Ice obstruction
  4. The high weight of ice and snow can cause damage
  5. Storm damage during the winters

Ice Obstruction

Ice obstruction is every homeowner’s worst nightmare, and despite the myths, ice damming starts from your insulation. When the warm heat from the attic escapes, it makes the snowmelt. This melted snow goes down to your cold gutter and refreezes.

The best way to avoid this is proper insulation. A roof rake is worth the investment. A heating cable is also very helpful, and it prevents the snow from building up on the gutters.

Tips and Tricks for Freezing Temperature

  1. Install gutters and downspout installations.
  2. Gutter guards should be installed.
  3. Get heated gutters.
  4. If your roof is metal, get a snow guard.
  5. Fascia wrap can also be used if you have a full gutter installation.

Cleaning Gutters and their Frequency

You should clean your gutters at least twice a year. You can do it during the spring and fall season.

Gutter Guards and their Mechanism

The gutter guards act as filters and keep trash out of the gutters. That could be anything, leaves, pests, grit, and small animals. Inferior clogs can be prevented with their usage. Acting as a leaf filter is very important.

Moreover, they make the whole system strong during the winters. The gutter guards also reduce the risk of breakage, which can happen due to the heavy snow and trash weighing them down.

Cleaning Gutters with Guards

If your gutter guard is of good quality, you will not need to clean your gutters from the inside. However, occasional brushing is needed.

Final Verdict

Not all gutters are affected during the winters, but some are impacted drastically due to the freezing temperatures. Your best bet is to get them cleaned religiously. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!