Gutter Apron and Drip Edge

Why Your House Needs A Proper Gutter System?

People do not know just how significant a good functioning gutter system plays in ensuring the longevity of your home. In the absence of proper drainage of water, you can have a serious problem with your hands. If the rainwater is not being properly directed through the gutter system, it means excess water is collecting on your roof. Standing can damage your roof over time and cost you expensive repairs.

Having a well-functioning gutter system installed is a one-time cost that will ensure that rainwater gets disposed of safely without harming the structure’s integrity. Tiger Gutters is among the best gutter installation and maintenance services with years of experience and expertise under the belt.

What Is A Drip Edge?

Many people have a lot of queries regarding gutter systems, and there is little understanding of the different types of options available. A drip edge is a flashing that directs the water into the gutter. It is made out of non-corrosive and non-staining materials and is installed during roofing. Not only does it completely seals any gaps that may be present in the edges of the roof, but it also creates an impenetrable barrier between the fascia and the water.

 A drip edge needs to be at an angle, and a gap must be present between the drip edge and the fascia to ensure proper drainage. Drip edges come in aluminium, galvanized steel, fibreglass, copper, and even plastic. Metalworks are best as it is quite sturdy and long-lasting. It is also the best for weatherproofing, especially in places where temperatures can fall below freezing.

Gutter Apron Versus Drip Edge-What’s The Difference?

You may have heard some people as having gutter aprons installed rather than drip edges. While the purpose of both is to divert water away from the roof and into the gutter, the two differ slightly in the mechanism. A drip edge is T-shaped, the gutter apron is L-shaped. There is a minimal cost difference between the two, and the choice of whether to go for a drip edge or a gutter apron should depend upon the specification of the house. If you have a low-slope house, then a gutter apron is more suitable.

The two also differ in their installation. A drip edge goes in between the roofing, while a gutter apron is installed above the roof decking along with the corners. So if you have a new roof made out of slate, tile shingles or any other material that is not easy to lift, then going for a gutter apron is best.

Choosing Tiger Gutters:

Regardless of your choice of gutter system, the installation and maintenance should always be left to the professionals. At Tiger Gutters, we advise you on the best possible option for your house based on your specific needs. Our service is quick and efficient and is guaranteed to protect your home against the elements and such inconveniences as insects.

Tiger Gutters is your partner in weatherproofing your house and keeping it safe against deterioration for a long time.