If you’re a homeowner living in Memphis, Tennessee, chances are you know there’s more to general gutter installation and repair than meets the eye. Doing it right is essential to protecting your home exterior from water damage and foundation issues, two of the most common threats to homeownership. That’s why here at Tiger Gutters, we rely on top-of-the-line solutions like Fascia Wrap and Trim Metal to get the job done right. 

Fascia Wrap is a thick membrane material that protects gutter systems from water penetration, acting as a barrier between the external elements and your home’s exterior. It’s strong and durable, resistant to fading, cracking, and lifting even in the toughest climates. Tackle any unexpected rain, hail, wind, or snow downpour without worry, knowing that your gutters are tucked away safely with a reliable Fascia Wrap in place.

Trim Metal is another valuable material that fabricators and installers use when planning a gutter system project. It provides structural support to the gutter system, reinforcing its strength and resistance against the elements. This material is particularly helpful when dealing with traditional or non-traditional roof protrusions or areas with extra heavy loads of precipitation. Trim metal also serves an aesthetic purpose when attached to a home gutter system, offering a clean, finished look that enhances your home’s overall aesthetic. 

When installing or repairing a gutter system for a home in Memphis, TN, relying solely on a standard gutter system may not be your best bet. Depending on the condition of your property, and the kind of damage you are dealing with, investing in addition materials such as Fascia Wrap and Trim Metal may be necessary to get the job done right. While these solutions may require a bit more in terms of the initial investment, the peace of mind and extra protective layer against the elements will more than make up for the cost. 

At Tiger Gutters, we highly recommend using Fascia Wrap and Trim Metal when tackling gutter installations and repairs. With these solutions, you can trust that your property is safe and secure from water invasion and damage— without sacrificing a professional and finished look. 

If you need help finding the right solutions for your gutter system in Memphis, TN, reach out to us at Tiger Gutters. When it comes to gutters, you can rest easy knowing that with the help of Fascia Wrap and Trim Metal, your property is in good hands.