A drip edge is made out of non-corrosive and non-staining materials and directs water from the fascia into the gutter. They are available in aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass, copper, and even plastic. Metalworks are best as it is quite sturdy and long-lasting. A drip edge not only completely seals any gaps that may be present in the edges of the roof, but it also creates an impenetrable barrier between the fascia and the water. Below are some reasons why it is important to have a drip edge for your gutter system.

1. Roof Stabilization

A drip edge flashing adds connection from your gutter to your roof. This eliminates much damage to your roof and gutter system caused by wind.

2. Helps protect your porch and basement

A drip edge helps to redirect water from the roof into the gutter keeping water from getting on the ground near your home. This will help prevent water from draining onto your porch or soaking into your basement.

3. Added barrier to keep away small animals and pests

Small animals and pests sometimes will create nests in fascia boards. By installing a drip edge, an additional barrier is created around the edge of your roof.

4. Helps prevent damage to fascia and soffit boards

The soffit and fascia can be damaged if left exposed without a drip edge. The drip edge directs water away from your fascia and soffit boards which helps them stay dry and prevent wood rot and discoloration.