There are many factors to consider when hiring a contractor. Some helpful reminders from Tiger Gutters can point you in the right direction.

  • Is the work scope that the company is proposing complete and detailed?

Unclear job scopes can lead to confusion and frustration during the process for everyone involved.

  • Did the company seem like they actually understood the concerns that you had?

It is important that the contractor really listened to what you said and what you wanted. They may not be able to tell you what needs to be done before asking the right questions.

  • Did the contractor find issues that you may not have been unable to identify?

An expert will make sure to point out any issues that they see that you may not have brought up to make sure that you have the opportunity to get them addressed. Many gutter contractors are only interested in making a quick buck and won’t want to complicate their sale by bringing up important issues that could complicate things.

  • Are the company representatives respectful and professional?

Your interactions with the individual people in the company are a reflection of the company’s culture. When estimators and installers are paid well and treated with respect, they will pass that on to the consumers.

  • What appearance does their company give?

Professional gutter companies will have things like a website, clean advertisements, and a logo. They will answer the phone when you call, or return messages within 24 hours. They will show up when they tell you they will show up, or if there is some type of complication they will communicate that to you.

  • Is the company selling you the job a full service company or simply a contractor?

Sublet work is a common practice for many contractors. It often leads to inflated prices and poor service, and having people that management does not know working on the project.

  • Do they have good online reviews?

A good contractor will always provide reviews that are well-documented and verifiable.

  • Are they insured?

Hiring uninsured companies can lead to liability on behalf of the homeowner. Always make sure to ask if the company is insured so if anything is damaged you can recover your costs to fix it.